Dancer's Agreement

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Thank you for being interested in the Hottest, most Respected and Competitive
Dance competition in New England.
The "IT" Factor Dance competition is a showcase where dancers of all different styles are giving a platform to perform and showcase their God-given talents.
We will place dancers in bracket of cities (cities to be announced later)
You will compete against others in your cities bracket total of 5 shows.
The winner from there wins $300 than move on to face the winners from the other cities bracket for a grand prize of $2,000 cash!
This is also a competition were you can make money during each show as well.
When you pay $100 registration fee, you are now able to make $3 of every ticket sold from anyone who comes to support YOU, kids ticket sales are excluded. Please be aware that as a solo or group participant each individual dancer is required to pay the 100$ registration fee.
Also the fans aka crowd will be the ones scoring you to determine the winner and determining whether you make it to the final round.
This is an all age dance competition, however our target audience are high school and college students.
You can be a solo dancer or in a group If you think you got it come bring it at the IT Factor Rep your city $2,000 plus dance competition. We say plus because you are in position to make more than $2,000.
Our first show will be Saturday March 24th at Maggys Lounge
609 Washington st, Quincy Ma 2pm-7:30pm
More venues will be announced later on.
You can not quit the competition once the show starts.( $300 fine if you quit) that's goes for groups and solo dancers.
If you are a solo dancer you are not allowed to get another dancer from the competition to form a group. However you can get an outside dancer to join you.
If you are a group you can add dancers to your team as long as that dancer is not from the competition.
If a team member quits on your team you are allowed to replace them.
If you agree with everything here please sign here.
Please send us your full name, (stage name) address and contact number for our staff to reach you.
Stage name _______________________________
Date _____________
Signature __________________________________
If under 18
Parents signature _______________________________________
Date ____________
Thank you
It Factor